Georg Jordan Malaysia Sdn Bhd is the leading supplier of Epoxy Resin insulators in South East Asia. In 1950, engineer Georg Jordan founded the company which would manufacture electro-technical devices in Siegburg. His timing could not have been any better as the rebuilding of Germany was in full swing. Equipment for power supply was being installed everywhere and this required insulators. The reinforcement of porcelain insulators was Georg Jordan’s first introduction to the world. After much hard work and endurance, Georg Jordan was one of the first to introduce a new generation of epoxy resin insulators. “Jordan Insulators” has since become a household name for quality isolators, allowing the company to continuously expand its position in this area. Georg Jordan Malaysia Sdn Bhd was established in April 2000 to serve the Asian market.

We are expanding our product quality to include the dynamic sector of Measurement and Testing system in order to meet the requirements of the customers and serve them better.
In addition to customer-specific cast-resin construction components; a comprehensive range of solutions for protection and monitoring and automation are offered by us.


To provide our expertise, experience, quality, innovation and trustworthy connections to our customers and suppliers based on decades of great partnerships.

This is can be cemented by the fact that Georg Jordan is synonym for quality products and services in this field both at home and abroad. We owe our success to the great team of employees, from the encouraging top management to the skillful ground workers. Our main goal is to ensure customer satisfaction therefore, we only stand for innovation in product and material development and apply the most modern methods to manufacture quality products.

We hold our employees with high esteem and promote their further development. The management strengthens individual responsibilities of employees through goal and process oriented working. We disseminate positive vibes to our employees to build team spirit and cultivate open communication. Good cooperation between management and employees is essential in order to attain the highest level of quality we strive to achieve. We encourage our employees to be forward thinking and creative. Employees are also actively involved in development and problem-solving processes.



Today, Georg Jordan is recognized as a leader in the electrical industry for competent partnership because of our customers, suppliers, engineers and developers. In the future, Georg Jordan will continue to strive for innovation and experience, for quality and flexibility, for problem-solving and partnership.

Our mantra is “Quality is not what happens when what we do matches our intentions. It is what happens when what we do matches our customers’ expectations”.

Georg Jordan will provide you with “Good insulation – for sure!”


ISO 9001 / ISO TS 16949 / ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001 Certificates