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Georg Jordan is a household name for cast resin insulation parts. The production technology uses the processes of “automatic pressure gelation (APG)” and “vacuum casting (VC)”. Both are deployed to meet standard and product-specific requirements.

Our products are successfully used in the following industries:

  • Energy production, conversion and distribution
  • Railway Technology
  • Automation Technology
  • Special construction



  • Custom structural cast resin parts for all voltage levels
  • Capacitive insulators, capacitive and ohmic coupling electrodes 12-36 kV
  • Insulators for indoor use, 1-123 kV
  • Insulators for outdoor use, 1-52 kV
  • Bushings for indoor use, 12-52 kV
  • Bushings for outdoor and indoor use, 12-36 kV
  • Screw type and press bushings for indoor use, 1-36 kV
  • Capacitive voltage detection systems complying with IEC 61243-5


Customer specific application focal points are:

  • Breakers
  • Capacitors
  • Earthing switches
  • Fuse boxes
  • Insulation housings
  • Interrupters
  • Switch disconnectors
  • Gas-insulated switchgears (GIS)
  • Air-insulated switchgears (AIS)
  • Transformers




Insulator type testing

Insulators are designed and tested to the requirements of DIN VDE 0441 Part 3 and IEC 60660 and IEC 60060-1.

The audit includes:

  • Withstanding voltage (IEC 60060-1)
  • Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (IEC 60071-1)
  • Alternating voltage (AC)
  • Withstanding alternating voltage, dry
  • Flashover alternating voltage, dry
  • Water absorption test
  • Aging test


Test methods Internal/External


  • Alternating voltage (DIN EN 61936-1)
  • Partial discharge (IEC 60270)
  • Capacity
  • Resistance
  • Rated impulse withstand voltage
  • Lightning impulse withstand voltage


  • Bending test (ISO 178)
  • Torsion test
  • Breaking test


  • Surface roughness
  • Dimensional inspection
  • X-ray inspection

Special testing:

  • Gas tightness
  • Heat aging (IEC 216-1, UL 746B)
  • Environmental stress cracking resistance (ESC, ISO 4600)
  • Artificial weathering with xenon arc lamps
  • Yellowing (DIN 6167)
  • Glow wire test (ICE 60695)

Railway applications:

  • DIN 5510-2 / DIN EN 45545: Railway applications – Fire protection of railway vehicles
  • Rail vehicles – Fire behavior and choice of material (NF F 16-101)
  • DIN EN 61373: Railway applications – Equipment of railway vehicles – Tests for vibrations and shocks



We develop you continue.

A team of experienced employees in Siegburg and Malaysia is the first address for your projects in cast resin and engineering.


GEORG JORDAN provides competent support for their ideas and goals.

With the takeover of development and routine tasks and up to the overall responsibility for complex projects we relieve you. Our engineers, technicians and project and quality managers will accompany you with outstanding expertise and advanced technology. With universities we cooperate both closely and successfully. We have modern workplaces with possible performances:


  • Consultancy in the product design phase
  • Designing, 3D design and simulation
  • Electric field calculation
  • Consultancy in the selection of raw materials concerning product use
  • Advice in the choice of production process
  • Design and implementation of production tools


We offer our customers and employees maximum flexibility, reliability and planning certainty. An excellent base to successfully develop with GEORG JORDAN future!


Material Expertise

Georg Jordan uses different manufacturing techniques – vacuum casting [VG] and automatic pressure gelation [APG] – as well as cast resins regarding types of insulators and applications – indoor and outdoor use. All material variants meet the required different property profiles to the area of application.

In line with these requirements, epoxy cast resin materials were developed as aromatic and cycloaliphatic formulations for the production of insulating parts (DIN 16946).

The specified values were determined on standard rods as a means to compare different materials under the same test conditions. The various production techniques (vacuum casting, automatic pressure gelation APG, etc.) and the wide range of applications for insulators (indoor and outdoor) also give rise to differing property profiles that the affected material must exhibit.

In line with these requirements, epoxy cast resin materials were developed as aromatic and cycloaliphatic formulations for the production of insulating parts (DIN 16946). All formulations used are suitable for tropical environments and termite proof.

The plastic materials we use undergo continuous internal and external monitoring. The used material is also UL listed: QMFZ2.E303635.


Standard material formulations:

  • Indoor use – aromatic base (61.A/M, 62.A)
  • High temperature use – aromatic base (65.A)
  • Outdoor use – cycloaliphatic base (CEP) (64.A)
  • Outdoor use – hydrophobic; cycloaliphatic base (HCEP)
  • Outdoor use – semi-flexible; hydrophobic; cycloaliphatic base (S-HCEP)


Properties of our cast resin materials:

Material number
Formulation 61.A/61.M 62.A 64.A 65.A
similar to

RAL 8016

similar to

RAL 8016

similar to

RAL 3011

similar to

RAL 8017

Aromatic base Indoor use Indoor use Indoor use
Cycloaliphatic base Outdoor use



The random we do not leave anything. Who like us, want to provide the best quality must master in particular the complexity of the production. Therefore, our machine park is on the cutting edge of technology, the degree of automation is very high and our employees are highly trained. Certified raw materials and an absolutely constant quality are the basis of our reliability. Our customers appreciate that.


Production process

Georg Jordan uses regarding different manufacturing techniques two proven casting procedures:


  1. Vacuum casting[VG]; casting under vacuum
  2. Automatic pressure gelation[APG]; casting with overpressure


With these two methods a large flexibility exists in order to react quickly to customer requests. The quality of the products or of both processes convince all at once.

The raw material processing is carried out with fully automatic computerized process engineering. The casting resin is passed through pipelines directly to the casting chambers. A continuous supply and secure quality is so guaranteed.

In the production process of GEORG JORDAN more modern technologies are used:

  • Mixing and metering components
  • Degassing equipment
  • Casting chambers
  • Forms
  • Dryers respectively ovens


All “out of one cast” – according to your requirements and your needs.


Project Management

The project management GEORG JORDAN has a central task to fulfill our customers’ expectations on the project.

The systematic and methodical application of processes and procedures is thereby controlled and monitored centrally. The professional approach makes the development of products that better plannable and verifiable. Effectiveness and efficiency characterize the process and the actual end product.


GEORG JORDAN holds within the meaning of project success always the critical success factors in mind.

  • Time: duration and dates
  • Budget and costs
  • Content, scope and quality of project results


Quality Assurance

Procedures and products are continuously tested both internal and external at Georg Jordan and are multiple certified.

Our goal is it to provide our customers safe, environmentally and their expectations corresponding goods and services.


Georg Jordan utilized for quality control and assurance modern test equipment respectively -installations.


  • Mechanical testing
  • Electrical test
  • Partial discharge; atmospheric or under pressure
  • Lightning impulse test
  • Gas leakage test
  • X-ray test
  • Dimensions, shape and position inspection, 3D measurement method
  • Glass transition point


65 years Georg Jordan – that means also 65 years of secured quality, cooperation with service providers, partners and customers and cooperation partners from science, research and technology.


Temperature range

In compliance with VDE 0441 Part 3 and IEC 60660 respectively, the mechanical and electrical properties of all insulators are suitable for a minimum temperature range of -20 to +75 °C. Insulators may be produced on request for other temperature ranges as well.


Tolerance data

With respect to the dimensions, please consider the tolerances according to the standard DIN ISO 2768g.


Tool Making

Here takes your idea a shape.

The tool respectively the tool manufacturing is the crucial final step between innovative development and economic production.

Georg Jordan sets also here from the outset on performance and quality: We develop based on our decades of experience modern tool concepts. Modern CAD systems, CNC machines and closely cooperating partners guarantee professional product solutions.


Our Customers

Highest customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Your development goals and ideas are our orientation yardstick.

Our customers and we operate european- and world-wide.


A small selection of our Georg Jordan GmbH reference customers